How To Benchmark Your Online Marketing – Tools

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    We have been busy testing and trying out lots of different online tools that can help you benchmark your online marketing. Or at least get some insights into what your competitors are doing and how, [...]

    How To Create A Website That Works: Marketer’s Perspective

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    We all know website design takes skill, time and a lot of effort from different teams: developers, UX designers, marketing team and executive team. In the end the website represents your brand and is the [...]

    How To Create Banner Ads: Marketer’s Perspective

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    When we brief designers on banner requirements, they seem to always be focusing on the specs and the beauty of the design, but they don’t usually think about the goal of the banner ads, what [...]

    Why To Look Beyond Clicks and Conversions

    By | May 5th, 2016|Categories: Digital Marketing, Online Analytics|

    Looking back 5 years I can still remember how discussions went with advertisers and how the focus revolved around clicks and impressions. Google Search was in the pinnacle era and it seemed everyone starting this [...]